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Art Book 2019:

As Nigeria gears up for another presidential election, the field is crowded, so much that the key question is not who’s running, but who isn’t?

In the last couple of months, all the candidates have said a lot on why they should be the president.

From a media standpoint, we realised many do not know the history and story of some of these candidates in the presidential race. And that is why we at Mediapoint decided to embark on this project that not only gets the populace informed but also hopefully reduces the tension that comes with the general election.

“Who is your President?” is a work of art that tells a short informative story of the presidential aspirants. Our goal is not favouritism, but to let everyone know more about some of these people asking for our votes. The following aspirants were handpicked by consensus and a pool of experts. This book doesn’t imply that those featured here are the major contenders. - Nifemi Akinwamide (CEO, Mediapoint)

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